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Imago is the essence of your style.

Bioclimatics Imago

Imagine a space in which when and where lose all meaning, interior and exterior merge, embrace, complete each other.
Listen and follow your thoughts to give them shape and colour. Capture the moments when desires emerge, move towards the horizon of your dreams until you grasp them. Imagine an outdoor space that becomes a place. A place that can be inhabited by your emotions, filled with your passions.
We did it: Imago is the essence of your style.

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The best view, yours.

With a cross-section of 15 x 15 cm, the pillars were designed to accommodate both a downpipe that directs the drainage of water and side runners of screens, for a maximum encumbrance of 33 x 33 mm.
The 15 x 25 cm beams are also designed to incorporate runners for sliding glass doors and the retractable canvas of vertical closures, concealing any discontinuity from view.

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Imago Gourmet, Imago Feeling Good, Imago Dreaming

Imago has been launched in 3 different versions:

Gourmet: this is the version of Imago dedicated to cooking, allowing you to fully enjoy your home kitchen outdoors.

Feeling Good: by letting you take some time, immerse yourself in a space of well-being, Feeling Good offers moments of relaxation in an outdoor spa.

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Photogallery - Imago