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Pergola lights for a complete and precious outdoor experience

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Perfect outdoor lighting with closures and lighting accessories

Pergola lights add a classy touch to your outdoor space. Not just a detail, but rather an element capable of creating the right atmosphere, arousing emotions and adding further comfort to your environment, allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces even in the evening. In fact, pergola lights add warmth to the most beautiful memories and allow you to experience your outdoor space without limits, without schedules and without risk. To spend your time in total freedom, however you like.

Pergola lights: a solution for every product

The lighting technology offered by Corradi is modern and will allow you to achieve a discreet yet functional, elegant and contemporary illumination, with different solutions and alternative proposals for each collection (Pergotenda®, Bioclimatics, Sun Sails). Indeed, combining design, technology and emotions is our mission, and even when it comes to pergola lights we don’t forget the importance of beauty: in fact, outdoor lighting can also be a decorative element of great aesthetic value if designed and customised to enhance the surrounding

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Experience: the Pergotenda® kit

Lighting integrated into outdoor structures is a practical and modern alternative that allows you to fully exploit your Pergotenda® without occupying space with lamps or ceiling lights.

Experience is a lighting kit inserted on the windbreak profiles of the Pergotenda® canvas, available with warm white light or RGB system that allows creating a wide range of colours with three coloured LEDs.

The small lights are extremely discreet and almost invisible, making the Pergotenda® fabric brighter and more complete.

Ray: versatile and striking outdoor lighting

Ray is a light fixture that can be used on the internal perimeter of Pergotenda® or bioclimatic pergolas or even standalone (for example attached to pillars).
The light is warm white, managed by remote control and dimmable so you can adjust its intensity and consequently the amount of illumination. In fact, with Ray you will experience the possibility of customisation that is typical of Corradi, creating an atmosphere that is unique and different in every single moment spent in your outdoor space. For outdoor lighting that is always intriguing, that enriches the space while satisfying your every need or those of your guests and customers.

Fusolo and Pyramide

The range of Corradi closures and accessories also includes lights designed specifically for Sun Sails. For example, Fusolo is a spotlight with a design that recalls the iconic microphones of the 1950s. It is perfect for Maestrale and Scirocco as it dialogues and contrasts with their modern lines, for a result that never goes unnoticed.

Pyramide, on the other hand, is the outdoor lighting for Defense. Simple and essential, this spotlight illuminates the sail and the surrounding space, enhancing its features and creating a harmonious play of light and shadows, perfect both for private residences, for example for a villa with a swimming pool, or for contract venues by the sea.

A wide range of solutions that offer you plenty of lighting, especially at entrances and in high-traffic areas, even at night.
Maximum comfort for the most precious space: your Corradi outdoors.

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