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Closures and Accessories

The Fabric Diffusa® XL

The Fabric Diffusa XL, the vertical protection for pergola canopy

Closures and Accessories The Fabric Diffusa XL

Personalisation and freedom without limits

Diffusa XL is the Corradi vertical closure for Pergotenda® to be experienced all year round. Together with the other closures, like The Glasses sun pergola or the Aura wood and aluminium system, Diffusa XL can be incorporated in Corradi structures to make them even more welcoming and versatile.

The filtering and darkening fabrics with which it is produced guarantee maximum protection against the elements and help to effectively shield the light without blocking the passage of air. The height of Diffusa XL can be adjusted at will because it is facilitated by sliding tracks running along the sides of each panel. In this way, it is possible to choose to shade or expose only certain

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All the shades of the outdoors: the colours of the fabrics

It is through colour that functionality meets aesthetics and the outdoor is painted with unique atmospheres that only a well-designed environment is able to provide. Depending on the material chosen, you can opt for one of the many colours of the Corradi palette, like the elegant champagne colour or a sophisticated combination of silver/powder pink or – why not? – even a more delicious raspberry, for a feeling of warm spring even in the coldest months. Diffusa’s level of air permeability is very high, even greater than Ermetika® Cristal XL. And for those who want to protect large spaces, the Extra Large version of Diffusa offers a particularly interesting level of performance.

Pergola canopy: Diffusa Etk® XL for large rooms

Compared to Diffusa Etk®, Diffusa Etk® XL is able to close verandas and terraces up to 5 metres wide. For larger environments, just replicate the screen until you reach the desired size. Ideal for spaces that require a flexible protection, able to adapt not only to large volumes but also to different specific needs, useful, for example, for outdoor restaurants, hotels and lounges. The oversize runners with spring system in harmonic stainless steel also help to keep the canvas taut to guarantee the best product performance. Technology, but also style and taste, thanks to the possibility of integrating Diffusa with curtains inside to make the view more pleasing by increasing the degree of shading where necessary. Diffusa Etk® XL is also available in many colours, all treated to withstand UV rays even over time.

Glassrope: the elastic and durable fibreglass

Mineral fibre and resin are blended together to give their strength and flexibility to Glassrope, the special fibreglass fabric that raises the Corradi world to an even more advanced level of engineering and design. In fact, its high tensile strength and resistance to tears make this material particularly suitable for aerospace and marine applications. And since innovation has always been part of Corradi’s DNA (inventor of the first Pergotenda®, as well as the range of nautically inspired sun sails), from today Glassrope becomes one of the fabric options for Diffusa, in a positive and unique fusion of sky, sea and land.

Glassrope maintains its dimensions and physical qualities over time and has been attributed the highest class of fire resistance. It is extremely durable and therefore guaranteed for 5 years. it is particularly suitable for outdoor spaces with a timeless design, an unmistakable signature of Corradi.



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