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The Fabric Magiko

The Fabric Magiko: the cutting edge of electric pergola cover systems

Closures and Accessories The Fabric Magiko

Design and innovation for your outdoor spaces Among the most important innovations of 2018, The Fabric Magiko is Corradi’s vertical filtering protection that revolutionises the world of retractable pergola canopy. Pergola canopy, pergolas, winter gardens: thanks to its particular technical characteristics, Magiko can be placed on many of Corradi products, adapting to different types of space, style and intended use. Able to be perfectly integrated into the structure, this special fabric closure allows you to effectively protect your outdoor space without sacrificing aesthetic performance because it is designed down to the smallest detail. Case in point are the runners used in the system: ideal for all filtering and darkening fabrics, the runners measure just 3.3 cm in width. These dimensions make them particularly discreet even when it is technically impossible to fully integrate the
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The Magiko touch of electric pergola cover systems

In fact, elegance and innovation are the paradigms of this vertical protection that, compared to other closures, boasts cutting-edge features and properties:

  • It does not require locking systems to tension the canvas because the system guarantees the canvas’s performance even when completely extended.
  • Like the runners, the Magiko terminal bar is particularly compact (3.2 x 5 cm), in line with the minimalist aesthetics of the closure.
  • The roller boxes that house the canvas can be of two sizes (11 x 12 cm or 12 x 13 cm) and are both square in shape, in accordance with the sector’s latest trends.
  • It is possible to embed LED lighting in the roller boxes, a feature never before offered by the market.

Perfectly compatible with other outdoor lighting solutions, the luminous component of the Magiko profile nicely brings out the volumes of the structure and allows you to experience the outdoors even in the evening, creating effects of dreamy intimacy.

Glassrope: the resistant and certified fibreglass fabric

Of all the fabrics used on Magiko, Glassrope is particularly worthy of note. Made of 42% fibreglass and 58% PVC, it is a dimensionally stable fabric that maintains its physical characteristics over time and stands up to the elements without changing shape or colour. For this reason this same fabric is used in aerospace and nautical engineering. Furthermore, fibreglass has a higher class of fire resistance compared to other closures, therefore verandas, pergolas and terraces equipped with this shielding are not only extremely durable but also safe.

Magiko is the closure that completes your outdoor space, amazing those who experience it all year round.

Electric pergola cover systems: maximum customisation with textures and colours

You can customise Magiko with a wide range of fabrics: in addition to the aforementioned Glassrope, other options include plastic-based Lac 650 SL, Sunworker and Sunworker Waterproof, Precontraint 502 satin and Soltis 86, any of which can be chosen based on practical needs or taste. In fact, the different textures, technical performance and extensive palette of colours for each transform every outdoor space into an environment with a unique, private and multiform atmosphere. As for all furnishings, the texture and colours of the closure are essential elements in the composition of the environment’s style, underscoring its most refined, playful or more dynamic aspects.

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