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The Glasses

The Glasses sliding glass patio doors

Closures and Accessories The Glasses

Maximum transparency, maximum protection

All-glass closures for pergolas

They are called The Glasses, the Corradi sliding glass patio doors that make it possible to laterally close Pergotenda® and bioclimatic pergolas, leaving the view completely unobstructed, to fully enjoy your outdoor space. In fact, the maximum transparency of the panels discretely marks off the limits of the outdoor space accentuating the feeling of continuity between interior and exterior, between home and landscape, which makes the Corradi structures unique.

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Sliding glass patio doors: transparency and protection

Noble material par excellence, resistant and discreet, glass preserves that aspect of apparent delicacy that makes it even more precious and sophisticated. Moreover, Corradi sliding glass patio doors are made of tempered glass that guarantees maximum safety even in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of cuts because any shattered pieces are very small and rounded.

To guarantee complete protection against rain and drafts, the doors are vertically overlapped by approximately 25 mm. In the version with 10 mm glass,

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Handles and panic bar

The Glasses offers maximum adaptability even in public settings that must meet precise safety requirements: easily upgraded with panic bars, the glass wall can in fact be easily transformed into a door whose design respects the minimalist look typical of Corradi. There are also numerous possibilities for customising the panels with opening and closing systems with handles, available in different shapes and sizes, like disc or loop with lock.

The sliding glass patio doors thus underscore the link between the indoor and outdoor worlds, sheltering those within from the weather with elegance and simplicity: essential ingredients for every dream to become reality.

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