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The metal pergolas for large surfaces

Pergotenda® B-Space

Pergotenda® B-Space: more space for outdoor living

The concept of space in architecture has evolved over time: from space as a plastic expression, to the times of the ancient Greeks, to the interior space attentive to volumes and the search for brightness, as in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, up to the modern idea of space which is characterised by the dialogue between interior and exterior: an organic evolution as the architectural historian Sigfried Giedion defined it.

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The space for hospitality gets big with metal pergolas

Corradi solutions are able to make the most of every setting and can all be used for both domestic and public spaces. However, for every need there is a model that responds better to specific requirements, as in the case of B-Space, a pergola against house whose ability to cover even very large surfaces in a solid and linear manner makes it an ideal product for the contract sector.

Some benefits? First of all, the possibility to increase the total capacity of the room and add an exclusive design to the outdoor space, making it more useful

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The durable and sophisticated metal pergolas

Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light, Le Corbusier maintained. This is the goal we have set for ourselves by designing and creating Pergotenda® B-Space, a structure with motorised movement and slack canvas as standard, but with many possibilities for customisation, from the insertion of perimeter closures to the incorporation of LEDs to create unique environments that provide the experience that you want to offer guests or customers. And why not, even to yourselves.

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