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Essential beauty

Pergotenda® Exyl

Pergotenda® Exyl: openly minimalist

Minimalism is a deliberately plain and essential style that with the adjective minimal has found expression in art, music, fashion and design, starting from the 1950s.

Corradi products have always been minimalist, elegant and clean, and seek the beauty of the space to be lived in eliminating all that is superfluous, without sacrificing emotion.

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Mechanical durability and innovative profile

Made entirely of aluminium, Exyl can be configured as both a freestanding pergola and a wall-anchored modern pergola, available only with a flat canvas cover. Its minimalist design is the characteristic that ordained its success: in fact it is lightweight and without side closures, similar to the Eteria bioclimatic, for a practical and simple outdoor space that is also extremely functional.

In the freestanding version, Pergotenda® Exyl has structural steel pillars, a material that is both lightweight and robust for better mechanical resistance,

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Metal pergola: nothing to add

Exyl is a pergola with sliding roof designed for those who love the practicality of structure and installation, the freedom of an outdoor space that is never intrusive, able to fit naturally in every setting thanks to a linear and modern structure.

Exyl is elegance that is simple yet never banal, since the trend in design for some years now has seen art and architecture tend towards simplicity when selecting materials, lines and details, focusing on essence, solidity and pure

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Photogallery - Exyl