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The perfect cover for every pergola

Pergotenda® Impact®

Impact®: patented cover

Impact® is the water-resistant pergola cover patented by Corradi, consisting of an impermeable canvas called Eclissi that slides on special runners supported by aluminium tubes.

Not just a fabric, but a visual frame for your outdoor environment thanks to Corradi’s patented retractable folding canvas, adjustable with a mechanical movement.

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Impact water-resistant pergola covers: all the extras for the canvas

The canvas configurations are also special, to better respond to each specific need:

  • Taut canvas – the most practical configuration for sloped solutions, but also available in flat versions.
  • Slack canvas – the configuration that allows water drainage even without a slope.
  • Taut canvas with spacers – with continuous or alternate drainage, one-
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Photogallery - Impact