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Millenium® Celeb

A restyling not only of its look

Pergotenda® Millenium® Celeb

Personality and originality for the Pergotenda® of the new millennium

Ready for a new Millennium?

It was 2008 when Pergotenda® Millenium® – the first retractable roof pergola – debuted on the market, foretelling a long and bright future. To celebrate the 10 years of success of its most famous product, in 2018 Corradi created Millenium® Celeb, a redesign that pays homage to an icon of outdoor covers.

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Why choose Millenium® Celeb?

The maximal dimensions of the single module of Pergotenda® Millenium® Celeb reach 500 x 685 cm, but lighting makes the difference. In fact, in the new 2018 version the external lights are integrated into the front pillars and upper runners, while the internal ones are located on the front and side beams, for an outdoors that is without end.

Other unique features of Millenium® Celeb in addition to the LED lights are:

  • Possibility of using wood finishes to play with different materials
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Retractable roof pergola: Millenium® Celeb surpasses the concept of outdoor space

What doesn’t change is the great personality that has always distinguished Millenium® and the contemporaneity of its forms, starting from the dimensions. In fact, the pillars measure 12 x 15 cm, while the front beam has different dimensions depending on the configuration chosen:

  • A. 12 x 25 cm in the case of filtering screens completely integrated into the front
  • B. 12 x 12 cm for all-glass sliding doors, Aura or without a screen
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Photogallery - Millenium® Celeb