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Decisive and simple design for one of the most loved Corradi models

Pergotenda® Palladia®

Pergotenda® Palladia®: timeless classicism

While fashions fade, true design remains.

Pergotenda® Palladia® is a stainless steel outdoor pergola with strong and simple lines, an expression of technological innovation and modern architecture, for a design that will last over time.

The structure can be installed as a sloped pergola, for a maximum level of customisation that together with the

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Outdoor pergola with a design of character

Palladia® is an innovative and appealing product, suitable both for homeowners looking for a touch of class for their outdoor space and for restaurants and cafés that want to protect terraces and outdoor areas, blending into the surrounding landscape. This is confirmed by the projects where this outdoor pergola can be admired in all its personality, even combined with one of the sun sails.

When open on the sides, its structure emphasises the lines of the front joints, while with perimeter closures Palladia® expresses a completely new, captivating

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Photogallery - Millenium® Celeb